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Why do I have a funny smell from my drains?

Those funny smells can be a sign of a clogged sewer line. We can send a camera down the sewer line to identify the problem quickly. We can assess the condition of the sewer line and deal with the clog.

Are lead water pipes dangerous?

Lead can leach from the pipes into your drinking water. Over time, this lead can cause damage to several organs, including the brain.

What can be done about lead water pipes?

We are a City of Regina approved contractor who can trench down to the water line and replace it with much safer alternatives.

What protection does a backwater flow valve provide?

A backwater flow valve is a one-way valve placed on your main sewer line. It lets wastewater out, but does not let waste from the city sewer system into your house. Backflow from the city system can result from heavy rains or blockages. Backwater flow valves are great insurance, and may even result in a home insurance discount.

What can I do if my sewer line to the street is collapsing or disintegrating?

Our cameras can be run through the line to inspect the pipe and damage. If required, we are fully equipped to remove the pipe and replace it with a new one that will last for decades.

What are some of the other services Jordan Excavating provides?

Over our 30 years of operation, we have also added road construction work and asphalt work. We also provide contractors and homeowners with sand, gravel, dirt and organics hauling. Skidsteer services and demolition services are also just a call away.